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Saturday, September 29, 2012

More progress 2....

 This is inside the missionary living are looking toward the door that goes to the garage and the missionary kitchen.  The small closet looking area is where our stack able washer and dryer will go for the missionaries.
This is looking at the living room towards the front of the house and right out those windows is the front porch.

This is looking at the future stone archway for our stove area in the kitchen.  Pantry is in the corner.

This is looking toward the kitchen...outside the double doors is the back porch.  Small window is the pass through window from the kitchen sink to the back porch.
This is looking from our master room into the "sitting area" under the arch.  This may be a future exercise room or just a sitting room for quiet times.  The space on the right is our closet---I know I's big!!!  I guess I need more clothes to fill it:)!

 View of game are looking toward the stairs that go downstairs
view of future game room looking out the window above the garage.  This room is enormous!!!  I can see twin beds along one side for sleepovers!!

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