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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Retaining Wall

This is the wall beside our "missionary" side of our house.  Thanks to our friend- George, John and he picked up these 50 lb blocks and put them in this form!!  Another moment when it's good to be the woman and not the man!!!  The walkway will be concrete later and John may add a curve to this wall too.  Our move in estimate is sometime near middle to late March. 
John and I have been grouting, tiling(my favorite part!) and painting.  John's been painting, not me!  A couple of great friends, Ben and George, helped John do the wood floor in our house later when it's not so dusty!
A few questions I mull over---Will the dust ever stop? Who will clean this mess up?(that's us, by the way) When am I going to purge more of my "stuff" before we move---we still have too much?  How will it feel to be in the house that we have thought/mulled over/planned and worked so hard on?  Who will our first missionary be to stay in our missionary home?  When will we finish that side(the dry wall and paint and floors still are not done over there)?

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