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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ponderings...this October

Sometimes I wonder if I will change my mind on some unshakeable things that I believe in.  We all have certain things(that are not necessary cut and dry in the Word) that we think are right or wrong--and then, one day they don't seem so right or wrong.  I'm not talking about lessening standards, just mindset changes  October always brings thoughts to my mind on how people think certain ways on certain topics...I've had my mindset change about some things over the years, but not others.  When I have changed my mindset--I always have this thought--I wish I would have kept my mouth closed and judged less. 

I've seen people grow up in a household that does not celebrate certain holidays and when they are old they do or vice versa.  I watch these changes through Facebook pictures and wonder--what made them change.  Did society change them or did they gain or lose certain convictions that they didn't have before or had before?   Usually I don't ask about the change, but often I wonder, then I wonder, will I ever change in these areas? will my children?  Probably in some areas, but hopefully, not all.  In all my thoughts, I then think---I wonder what God thinks of this topic?  Is it a big deal to Him?  Is it just the heart that He sees?

Just some of my thoughts...I know, I'm pretty vague here, but again, it's not my intention to judge with these thoughts...just thinking...and therefore, no specifics, just vagueness.


Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean. I think in general I can be a pretty "judgmental" person, which might have positive aspects, but I also notice things like people changing their principles. And all I can say is that there are aspects of American culture I don't miss. And yet, traditions are so fun. But is it really worth jumping on the bandwagon to get a cute photo shoot? Are our kids' childhoods happier because we went all out for the holidays? Okay, just rambling here.

The Herd said...

So true Elizabeth. I hope some of the American traditions don't seep into other I noticed when we were there. Although, this is funny to me---I thought Russia(Europe) followed behind America in a lot of things, but now that we are here, it seems quite the opposite in some areas.
I don't think a lot of the bandwagons are worth jumping on because the photo or society. Thanks for commenting--it's great to hear from you and read your blog:)