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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Human Art!

Have you ever seen the picture of the kid with marker all over his face? When my Uncle Kevin sent that to me, years ago, I does that really happen all over the face like that picture!? Well, I saw the beginning stages yesterday at my house. We have art after snack time and usually I just give Matthew a pencil...but yesterday, the girls had the markers out! Well, I just want to say that the washable markers are really good! It wiped right proove it, I took an after shot! Check out the body art!


The Cornwell Family said...

How funny! I just posted similiar pictures on my blog! Riley got a hold of a marker and colored all over her belly!

Kay said...

A future tattoo artist in the making, huh?? :) I should find some of my pics of Kate after she took a green marker to her EYELIDS and LIPS. She was just "putting on make-up" like mommy... :P