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Friday, August 17, 2007

A Root Canal vs. a C-section~??

A Root Canal vs. C-section...C-section is easier!!! Your reward outweighs any pain you might have, even if the pain is still coming 6-9 months later! I had to get three shots for the root canal b/c the medicine did not numb me enough!!! I've had two epidurals for one birth before, but three shots in the mouth is enough for me!!! Fortunately, it went smooth according to the Dentist! Smooth like the roads in Dallas? Smooth like rocky road ice cream? Hmmmmmm! I'm glad I don't have to know another not so smooth one! I had a not so smooth one before!! I didn't know one could have this much dental work?! But, every child that sucked all that calcium out of my teeth is sooooo worth anything! Sometimes, I wonder if it would be easier to just take your teeth out each night...but they tell me, do what ever you can to keep your teeth! Who is this "they"? and how many root canals have they had? Ok, that's all my crazy blogging about myself for now.

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