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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Katie and Melissa made a friend!! and teach a lesson of love

To preserve the innocent, we will call their "friend" LuLu. Lulu is who I wrote about before that was not talking to Melissa at church. Last night, Melissa walked up to me after her class and said very excitedly, "Lulu is my friend now!!" She was soooo thrilled that she broke down the "meaness" that she thought was there in Lulu. Melissa said she went up and hugged Lulu. Katie told me later that Lulu was their friend now and that Lulu was going to bring her purse to church next weekend for Katie to see what's in it! She is thrilled too! Funny what excites a 7 year old! I am so glad that Katie and Melissa won over Lulu's heart. Jesus wants us to love others regardless if they love us back, and that is a lesson that we all can take to heart and action! Who knew that parents are to learn to be like Jesus from their own kids? Jesus did, when He told us we had to be like children to enter into the kingdom of heaven!

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