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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can you say backbend???? The change that doesn't jingle!

One thing we are having to deal with here in Russia is Change Change Change and I am not talking about change that jingles. This is the picture they (whoever "they" are) should send out to all people who come to Russia. A friend of mine sent me a list that describes many ways the Russians may think...they said the word we need is FLEXIBLE!!! Before coming here, John and I were always told that we were both laid back. As in flexible to change...HA!! Boy, I think that it wasn't enough flexibility!! Things change so much, it's really hard to say much as to "the plan" because it will probably just change in the end. When talking with people(that are state-side) about being over here, I hear---well, I thought you said such and such. Well, before coming here there were a lot of things that I said that I thought were, things have changed, changed and changed again. We have started to laugh at the amount of change.
Keep in mind, when anyone sends out a list of this is how Russians are---you must have this thought in mind...this is a general rule--not a hard fast rule. So, maybe not all Russians are this apt to change, but we are in a "ministry" that must have all these general rules true--well, maybe not all but a lot. I don't like it much when people here generalize about "Americans" so I can't generalize too much about "Russians" either.
If you want to pray for us, pray that we hear God's voice and direction clearly and that we are flexible to His plan not just to people's changing plans. It's hard to tell when you should just go with the flow and when you should say something.


perrinministries said...

I have found that most people like change... as long as it's a change that THEY institute.

By the way, John needs to update his jots. It's not like missionaries actually DO anything... he should have plenty of time to do it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sr_Egor said...
We pray for you guys daily. We will gladly change our prayer to include hearing God's voice and fulfilling His will according to His plan:)

Wow! That does sound like some crazy change. The City of Mesquite must hire Russians in their Engineering Dept.!!

4sofar said...

We think of ourselves as pretty flexible and we enjoy change. Maybe that is because our change is rarely in the direction of making us more uncomfortable than we are! I am back on blog for a moment anyways! I don't know how you do it with 4! We miss you guys!