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Friday, December 5, 2008

My Writer's Window and Matthew in China!

Have you ever read a story about an author writing from a snowy winter cabin looking out the window? Well, I have a writer's's my view!

Funny story about Matthew....Matthew has been saying the word "China" lately...don't know where he got it, but he must like saying it. Well, before we came here to Finland, we were sitting at the table and Matthew says China. Someone asked him..."Are you going to go there?" and he answers "Yes". Well, Lena says--"I will pray for you!" To which John answered, "You should really pray for China!" We all started laughing at this point!!!


Tori said...

Very cute!

BTW, that looks like a DELL inspirion in the picture, That's what I'm using now, funny huh?

Oh yea and it starts getting dark at 4 and by 4:30 it is black, it usually stays this way until February, I think.

Oh well, we'll have to learn to enjoy it.

Mary said...

It's snowing in Maryland now!

The Hargrove Family said...

Awww...sweet Matthew! Maybe he's called to China, or maybe he thinks he is Chinese! What have you been telling him?! Heeee...on how to do the slideshow: Go to the one on my blog and click on the bottom right corner where you see a little arrow. It is navigate you on how to make your own. It is pretty self explanatory...I did it!

mom said...

That's cute. Faith (4) told me that she wants a Robot that will take her to China for Christmas. I'm not sure where her fascination with China originated either...
Then she proceeded to inform me that I was to take her to the houses of the people that do not love God, so that she can tell them about His love...OH! and I've been instructed to stay in the car, because she's got it "handled". Please pray for us as well. ;-)