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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

с новым годом

с новым годом!

Happy New Year!
Did you know that it was the Year of the Bull!!?? Bulls are everywhere here!!!! We should be very famous this year!

We have just had a great visit with John's parents. They flew over to celebrate Christmas with us and the grandkiddos! They brought with them lots of goodies and love and was great!!!
More later....


Mary said...

what American goodies did you get?

Carol said...

Did they bring hot salsa and chips?

The Herd said...

John's parents brough a whole suitcase full of goodies from our church family from back in Texas. They really blessed us. The main thing they brought was a 6 month supply of peanut butter. We've found a place that sells chips and there is a Russian salsa that is pretty good. It's good to be an
American in Russia eating Mexican food. Yum!