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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our recent American or Tex Mex Dishes

So, when you are in a different country...sometimes to overcome some "missing this" feelings, we try to make some similar things that we made back in Texas.
So, I have done the following things:

Sopilla Cheesecake(thanks to Beth Fox for that recipe!!!---aren't you drooling??? Only problem with this is that 7oz of cream cheese costs about $4!!!---so let's just say that I have only made it once!!---and no, they don't have crescent roll I must improvise.)

Chocolate Chip Cookies(thanks to Tammy Kenney---All the Russians love your recipe!!!---and thanks to the McCords and Pam for Chocolate Chips and Brown Sugar!!! and the Mundts for VANILLA!!)

Burrittos(we use an Armenian type of "tortilla" called Lavash---works perfectly!--we even found cheddar cheese!)

Pizza---(we found Mozzarella and pizza dough and of course we don't use pepperoni, just sausage---which is found here in bulk!!! Russians love Kalbaca!!)

Cheese Dip(aka---Queso---we make it with a soft cheese in a small tub called VIOLA---and Adjeeka--a Russian version of salsa)---a big hit too!!

There is more, but I need to do school now...thanks for visiting my blog...if I don't have a recent post...browse my favorites on the left---My Blog List...and you will find some good posts there too.

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Mary said...

Did you end up using the Alaskan provisions I left behind?