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Friday, March 20, 2009

Previetiik Lostichka

I have learned a new phrase of greeting in Russian...but in would sound like Hello Swallow(as in the bird!). So, I must say that my thoughts of a swallow are not very pretty, so I thought I'd look it up to see why Russians think Swallows are beautiful! and a compliment too!
Check out the wikipedia site about swallows...most of them are pretty--much to my surprise. I don't think I would say this phrase in America, but when in Russia, speak like the Russians.


perrinministries said...

The greeting here (besides "Good Day") is "Greet God"..Grusse Gott. But what I thought was strange is that for as long as anyone can remember when someone sneezed another person would say Gesundheit...meaning "good health" but now because the government has a ministry of "manners", they say that it is no longer good manners to say Gesundheit and the person sneezing must say entschuldigung...meaning excuse me. The ministry of manners is able to control the behavior of the Germans.

Elizabeth said...

That's funny, I didn't know it meant "swallow." But it does sound nice to the ear.