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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Postal Service here in Russia

I was thinking yesterday that I have never shared some differences with the postal service here and the services provided by the post office. I wrote this a week ago and then my friend wrote on Postal services too...I am finally publishing this one...great minds think alike, eh Elizabeth?

Russian gov't keeps cost at a minimum by...not using envelopes. You see, all our bills--such as, electricity, apt. bill, water, phone...etc, come on single rectangular pieces of envelope...just paper! It's about as thick as normal printer paper privacy, but it saves in cost!! What a cocept!!!

It seems that here...everything---well many things---are paid at post offices. For example, to pay my water and phone bill, we walk downstairs to the post office to pay these....amazing that the gov't is everywhere and in charge of EVERYTHING and aware of you everywhere!! Oh, and you can pay your electric bill at the grocery store! Hmmm...another way that the gov't is in everything. You can pay these bills at a bank too, I believe, and the gov't has it set up that---I think---you can pay it at any bank or any post office---it feels a bit like "big brother" is watching. Wild!! I must say that this does make it easier to do things when you are a foreigner at least.

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Elizabeth said...

That's funny that you were thinking about it too! I was thinking of it more in terms of of those things that you don't even think about, yet would seem very strange to a foreigner.