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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Russian and the kids!

Last night, our friends came over and were asking Katie some questions in Russian. I was telling them that she could understand and answer in Russian...but the amount that she was able to answer made me smile!! When people ask how are the kids doing in Russian...I think I am underestimating them!

So, a few minutes ago, my boys were eating Popsicles and Cristina wants one. More Russia, there is a belief that when you eat or drink cold things, you will(might) get sick. It's so prevalent that one time Cristina ate a Popsicle and a week plus later she happened to get a cold...her father and mother thought that it was from the popsicle Wow...anyways, back to the boys are explaining in Russian that she can't have it because her mom said no and she doesn't want her to have it because she thinks she will get sick from it. It might not have been all grammatically correct, but it was fun listening to Matthew(almost 4) and Mark(5) speaking a bit in Russian!!

Fun stuff! We are now packing and so ready for our time in Texas!! 3 more days!! Please pray for safe and pleasant travels.


Elizabeth said...

That is so neat! I am reading a book about bilingualism in kids. Maybe you should find some Russian kids to mix with while you're home! :)

I can empathize with the packing. Hope it goes well! My trip back was quite uneventful.

perrinministries said...

You all have a fun and uneventful trip! :)