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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes It Is!

Being from the South, I am not used to cold weather but I am really not used to -4 F!  Wow!  That's cold.


Jen said...

That is cold! We used to live in Connecticut and I've been to Norway in the dead of winter, but now that I live in SA, my body is so not used to really cold days!

On a side note, I usually buy a gingerbread house kit. Last year we made our own using Unfortunately it came crashing down but I think it's because I didn't roll it thin enough. The roof was too heavy for the walls to hold. If you do it, just roll it pretty thin. We also made gingerbread men and gingerbread trees to go with it!

Allen said...

I miss "The Herd"! Praying for you.

VERY disappointed that the Cowboys counldn't beat the Chargers and help out my Broncos!

My word verification is "pookle", a new "Russian Word of the Day. :-)

Grace and Peace from Salt Lake City,

Аллен Тпавис