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Monday, May 24, 2010

Elema---cleaning up!

We went out to Elema with John to help with loading bricks and enjoy the country.  Normally John and Sergei go out alone, but today I had the boys and Sergei had his wife, his twin daughters and his mother in law.

 The kitchen pictures are before cleaning!  Christina, Sergei's wife, went out this Sunday to clean out the kitchen.

Note:  The stove--wood burning--is not what I will be cooking for 18+ people three times a day on.  I will be using a gas stove---look out world!!  I know my mom cooked for us 5 on a gas stove, but 18+ three times a day will be interesting!!  Hey, I know if people in Nicaragua can cook a week's worth of beans on an open fire, I can surely do a gas stove!!! 

John and the boys rode the lawn mower with the trailer on the back to pick up the bricks.  I can't wait to be able to show after pictures of when the work is all done.  The team from Georgia comes in a week and we will camp out at Elema for a few days with them.

Then, we will come home and our friends -Tim and Sue- will take the kiddos and John and I will celebrate 14 years of marital bliss!!  We are staying up late to see the bridges open(they open at 1-2 am!!).  We might have to take a nap just to be awake!!

We have less than 3 weeks left in St. Petersburg before heading to Houston to see what God has for our future. 


Jen said...

Looks cozy! I actually prefer gas to electric. The ladies in Africa cook big pots of stuff outside and I'm always amazed, too! Hope you wonderful anniversary celebration!

The Herd said...

I cook on gas at home, but this will be like a gas camp we shall see!!