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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You know they listen when...

I heard this conversation on the way home from dropping the girls off on the LAST day of school!
Mark---Mrs. Stumbo said she would miss me---I am so sad---b/c I won't see her again---(tears flowing at this point---breaking mom's heart!)
Matthew---Stop Crying I can't understand you!!
Mark(more clearly-barely)---I'm sad because I won't see Mrs. Stumbo again---she is going to miss me.
Matthew---I don't speak Whinese so I don't know why you won't see her again...

You realize they do listen when they repeat your words--even at the most inappropriate times---when Mark's heart is sad and Matthew obviously---has no sympathy!!

This is why they say leaving can be bitter - sweet---you want to see your family and be near them, but leaving people behind is just heart wrenching especially when your kids' hearts are involved.  We are so glad to have met all these new people and we are better off for it--we will take them home with us in our hearts!  I told Mark we may be able to see his favorite teacher friend (he only had her for a week of testing, but he has grown to love her deeply--he thanks God for making her --- every night!) if we visit here again. 


Jen said...

Almost everyday my daughter asks when we are going back to Africa. They are doing well here but they miss it. She's lived there more than she's lived in the states. And she deeply misses her cousin who is still in Africa. You're is bittersweet.

Bingo Reviews said...

That is so sweet! How nice it is that your children had a teacher they will miss so much :)