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Friday, May 14, 2010

My Mother's Day Gourmet Meals!

John and I have been eating a yeast free diet for almost a month, so when Mother's Day came around, I couldn't eat anything sweet or yeasty, so John, like always, outdid himself with all my meals.  I didn't take a picture of breakfast, but lunch was Florentine Stuffed Tomatoes, Strawberries, and Bell Peppers.  Dinner was beef cutlets with sauteed onions and a yummy salad.  Breakfast was amazing too---eggs, veggies, fruit!  John ALWAYS does Mother's Day up for me so well that it has become my favorite day of the year!  Thanks Honey!


Jen said...

Everything looks so yummy! How wonderful your family blessed you in this way!

Elizabeth said...

Very impressive! My youngest brother actually did a great job cooking when my dad was on a diet. Amazing the things you can think of...

I'm curious as to the effects of your you feel a difference?