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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Modge Podge Dresser

We needed a dresser for the girls, so I went to a resale shop here in town.  The owner is an amazing talented young lady and I just picked her brain!!  She had this dresser(it was a plain off white wood dresser.) and told me about her idea for modge podging scrapbook papers on the drawers, so I looked it up and tried my hand at it.  I love how it turned out.  Yes, I know my own mistakes on the dresser and I am hoping it holds up over time(the design, not the dresser!)  My oldest helped me pick out the papers that I used for each drawer!  Unfortunately, I don't have a before picture---bummer!

What I learned:  Do not use modge podge as the final coat---it's a bit sticky.  The drawers stuck and I had to repaint a coat where it took off paint!!  YIKES--what a project!  I'm not a perfectionist, so I decided today, just to be done with it...and enjoy it.    I sprayed it with a clear type of sealant in the end.  The picture that is above the dresser was painted by my sister in law, Jackie, a few years ago, and it goes wonderfully!  Thanks Jackie-- again!  I love my paintings through out our house that are painted by my mother in law and my sister in law!  It's fun to have artists in the family.  Our artists:  two sisters in laws, my cousin, my paternal grandmother, my aunt, my uncle (my aunt was my uncle's art student in college!) my mother in law, and my own kiddos.


Mark and Corrie said...

It turned out so cute! I'm impressed with your craftiness! :)

Mod Podge Amy said...

This is a super cute dresser!!