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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Sometimes, like the other night, my hubby amazes me at his genius way of playing with the kids.  They evidently had built a fort and then had a treasure hunt with these clues!  I will type out what they say, so you can enjoy them also.  (my notes are in ( ))
Clue 1:  Go South to a place of Sparks!(Mark--our son, goes by this nickname at times)  You will find Clue #2 under the place where your bottom moves the fastest!(the boys have a slide on their bunkbed)
Clue 2:  Going on a trip?  You will find Clue #3 if you are packing(there are suitcases from our unpacking in the living room)
Clue 3:  Go East where the Sun rises(our sunroom)  Be careful for the 4th clue may be under your bottom...(it was in the couch)
Clue 4:  I-I-I would tell you where the Clue #5 is but he is so cold, I don't want to visit(in our freezer).
Clue 5:  Your last Clue.  If you follow your heart, it will lead you back to the start. (to the fort).
Enjoy, Love Dad.

I went to a ladies meeting this night and the kids told me about it in the morning.  This is my husband!  Genius!  No tv--just fun with Dad.  Thank you Lord for a great hubby!

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Jen said...

So fun! I love treasure hunts with the kids!