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Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011--

 their piles...
 Melissa went first...can't remember what she was opening though.

 Katie's crown from Matthew:)

 Matthew's sword from Mark--he didn't want to see what it was til it was opened!!
 we had friends that carved this knife--and a gun---my first gun that I bought for Mark. 
 a dart board---to go in our "sun room/game room"
 notice the boards behind Melissa...we made these for the girl cousins and my's a chalkboard/coat rack.  We had fun diying it!!
 a small remote control robot--for Mark!!!
 Aunt Cristina and Uncle Stephen's Frank Lloyd Wright puzzle for the kids.

Another tradition--open one present at a time!  It just seems like no one gets to enjoy other people opening when mayhem happens!  So, started by an idea from my brother's friend's family...we do the one at a time thing.  This year, I took the kids to the dollar store, where they chose to buy each other presents with their money that they have earned over the year.  Ok, I am still stuck in the before inflation times(back when $1 was alot!!), so they don't earn much...but they don't need much, right?  It's not like I make them buy their clothes or food!!   My kids loved watching each other open their specific was fun to see their excitement in giving!  Merry Christmas 2011!!
We also got a treat---my parents came to visit Christmas night and stayed for 2 nights!  So fun to share Christmas with both parent sets!


Jen said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! We open one at a time, too. I love seeing what everyone gets and the look on the kid's faces.

Kendra said...

What a fun time spent with family! I think I would cry if my parents surprised us for Christmas. How wonderful to have everyone together!

Karen said...

Love seeing the kids and how grown up they are looking. Looks like a great Christmas!