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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our latest additions...

These pieces of furniture are from John's Aunt.  He grew up eating on this table during Thanksgiving dinners.  It's long, at 7ft, and that's what we would eventually like to have---a very large table to have people over and eat at.  I had found a table that I wanted...big and farm like table...but I like traditions and family and I loved the hutch that went with it and the "dry" sink that we are using right now under our Wii tv.  The hutch and dry sink will eventually go in our kitchen, when we build a house--if all goes that way. 

Sometimes dreams (like my farm table) become a thing of the past when other options are better!  We use the table in our home school room right now, b/c we have my table(that I grew up eating around) in our kitchen.  My kitchen table will eventually go in our "missionary" part of the house that we plan on building.  When we came back from Russia, it seemed that we didn't have many things of our own anymore...but we have now filled our house with lots of blessings! 

It will be fun to see if our plan to build actually happens.  We are praying that we do His plan not our plan in all of these steps! 

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Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i love inheriting furniture from having a piece of the past