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Friday, July 17, 2015

More Bargains

 I bought for $2.50---used it can be found for $30-$80.  I also got the carrier and extra tape.
 I bought for $2.50---used it can be found for under $30. 
This is not the exact pattern, but I purchased for $15(they were asking $10, but when I found out the guy pd $100 for the first racket--I felt bad and purchased the lot of these three for $20...)  Online, the cheapest is still being bid on and it's up to $25 with shipping.  I haven't seen any less at a garage sale than $25 in the last couple of weeks.  I used to have one of these, but I got rid of it when we moved to Russia--and now I could use it when I babysit.

We found an Urban Mango tunic with lace trim for $2, online on ebay they range from $27-$56 range.  The exact one is pictured at a boutique but the color is different--it was $40!  I'd say that was a steal!
The girls bought two wigs--$2 each to play with...they are super cute!- Short bob style in great condition.

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