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Friday, July 10, 2015

Garage Sale Resale Bargains!!!

So, I bought a book on by Lorilee Craker...The Money Secrets of the Amish.
Lorilee reads it out-loud so this is fun to hear the author read her own book.  It adds zap!  I have enjoyed this book so much last year, I have listened to it again this year.  I walk some mornings so I just bring my phone and blue tooth ear phones and walk away!!!  Just in case you are interested, I linked the photos--I don't get anything from this, so no pressure! I got them for Mother's Day :).
The author had so much humor as she shared true Amish original money saving tips!  They work in the "English" world too(this is how non-Amishers are referred to---Englischers!)  I have added some of the tips to my world and I wanted to give some finds that I have found!

$5---has no card---on amazon used for $35
Black & Decker Toaster Over--$4---used on ebay with shipping --cheapest was $28, all others were significantly higher!
Innovations Knitting machine--$3, Online used(cheapest but still bidding with shipping--$35; new $50+)
Oh, it came with one full thing of Bernat baby blanket yarn $10 at Walmart plus an almost full ream of another of the same
a full one of Vanna's Choice yarn too--$3 value at JoAnn's, $3.54 at Walmart

I got a roll of this for $.50---looks like only a couple of feet are missing...sells for $26 at Hobby Lobby--always go with a I would have pd about $16 for the whole one at HL! What a deal!

My favorite Buy: 
Krups Model 963 Black Espresso / Cappuccino Maker 4 CUP Steam
I bought it for $15, it was used 2x's.  Used--the cheapest I can find is on ebay starting bid with shipping is $38...the rest are moving up.  Amazon sells used ones for close to $70!

I found a great white hat for $1~~---with a decent brand Sun Day Afternoon---new on amazon it is $32 plus!!!  

$5 calculator for 50 cents NEW in package!!
I also got a french china plate--looks like it may be from 1941.  Can't find the patten--found the maker--just not pattern, but it was $1~

I also found this treasure(the bubble wire glass on the right)--it is cracked on the bottom, but for my purpose it's not an issue!  I saw a very similar one at TJ Max for $10 on clearance.  I paid 50 cents!

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Jen Price said...

Such great finds! I love it when that happens!