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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oh my dear Matthew! The Thinker...

I just happened to come into my kitchen, carrying my three coffee mugs that have "built" up by my "quiet time" area, to see my son coming out of the bathroom.  He has been crying.  It's past 10pm and he and his brother have already gone to bed, or so I thought!   A little about my youngest...he feels deeply, strongly, and thinks way too much!   I remember my mother telling me in my teens--"You think too much!"  Well, like mother, like son???  Any mother wants to know what their son is upset about--boys don't cry that often!  I call him over to the couch and lo and behold, he is thinking 7 years down the line to when he will be the only one here with John and I, and it is upsetting him!  He won't have anyone to play with or do anything with. (* Who am I, chopped liver?? :)). He says he feels this now too, but a tidbit is--he's the one, when the family is in the living room, he is off in another room watching a different show, playing a different game, reading a different book. 
We talked about working on spending time with the family now and plans for playing together tomorrow and NOT worrying about tomorrow when today has enough worries of its own!  Shewy! Deep Thoughts--it's too late at night for this!  But, Oh how I love my son!
So, this is not from tonight, but it's funny none the less!

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