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Monday, November 10, 2008

A Definite Praise Report...

This last month, we have had the boys in a pre-school through our church two days a week. We were suggested to do this at the beginning and finally took the plunge and tried it. We were looking at this as a type of language learning for the's all in Russian. So...after a month, we have re-evaluated our time and the enjoyment of the boys--and we have decided to drop the boys down to once a week. John has been teaching conversational English at this school(it's a Christian school that includes preschool/kindergarten) both of the days that the boys go, so he is there about half the time they are there.

So, what's the praise report? John went to pay today(no, he is not getting paid for teaching)...and they said ---Teacher's kids are FREE!!!!! The cost here for preschool is much cheaper than in the states, but FREE is much better. Matthew really enjoys it, Mark--so, so. We will re-evaluate at the end of the 2008 year if the boys really want to continue. It seems to me like they should like it--they get to eat 3 meals and they get to paint, play with clay, and more!!! It's actually a very nice set - up for them and for me:)!

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Mary said...

Alllll right! That's what I'm talking about.