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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Off to Finlanski!!!

So, we are off to apply for our year long visas. We expect our invitations on the 4th of Dec. and then we start the application. That should take 10 business days. We hope to have Internet connection, but if by chance we don't , I won't post for awhile.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!!! We had a lovely celebration here with friends! We had chicken(couldn't remember the word for turkey!), broccoli cheese casserole, potatoes, gravy, cranberry apple salad, and fudge pecan pie and Russian pumpkin pie. It was marvelous! It was tough being away from family, but we talked to them on Thanksgiving day...all sides! We survived!!! The kids loved all of it!!!

Love to all our readers!

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Mary said...

Have fun in Finland! Enjoy your time there. Hope it is like a vacation.