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Monday, November 10, 2008

Post of Post Titles...

So, I haven't really posted recently with real instead of writing a really long post, I thought I'd give you so possible titles that might describe life here lately. So, use your imagination or ask for details-ha!!

Why do those Americans use diapers sooooo long...We start training before a year old!

Adult and Kid Slumber party week!!!

Are we crazy??? Going to a huge Museum/riding Metro & Buses with 7 kids!!!???

Didn't you vote for Obama??? This is a frequently asked question by Russians--they seem sooooo surprised that we didn't! (Just in case you wonder, we tell them why we didn't and they wouldn't either!)

I am proud to be an American and have a big family---(these are not seen as so helpful here in Russia.--very frustrating--but confirming that I am happy to be who God made me )

When will we get a student? What's the next step?(These are our thoughts too...not that we have answers yet!)

I'm told more about my country than I Know is true!!!

Russians think that American media is lying to the Americans about the world.

The Dollar is down, no, it's up, no it's down, no it's up?????

$1/month doorbell bill!!!!

Free medical coverage and college, but you will pay for plastic bags at the store and each ketchup at McDonald's!!!!!!

Ok, that's all for now!! Are you laughing yet?


Mary said...

You made me smile(-:

Annie said...

I'm certainly smiling!

Annie said...

Just looking at Jon's notes. :) My daughter is RUSSIAN to the core. I have had to avoid buying her the sweaters and shirts with decorative hoods, because she WILL put it up over her head and tie it snugly whenever she goes out. I guess she is just more comfortable with her head covered WELL....or there is some sort of sense-memory going on.

Elizabeth said...

Doorbell bill! Hadn't heard of that one!