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Sunday, November 2, 2008

My beautiful children and some of their thoughts!

Yesterday at lunch, Katie was sharing about how she done something that I thought was very clever--right now I can't recall what it was, so sorry!---but I asked the question, "What made you think to do that?" wondering what thought process was behind my sweet daughter's thoughts...before she could answer, Mark piped up, "Her brain." He said it so casually, we started to laugh! Who knew the child knew what a "brain" was and what it did. I often refer to using your brain, but sometimes with Mark, it doesn't seem to sink in...but we see that it did. It's hard to remember that Mark is growing up...sometimes, I still think of him as 3 and he is FIVE!!!

The pictures below were drawn very quickly by our friend Marina at the retreat we went on. How beautiful they are...and sooo accurate!!! The kids do look older---Marina had told us when young people are drawn they appear more mature in the pictures, and when older people are drawn they look younger. So true! Mark wanted to get in the picture, so you see how beautiful three of my kiddos are. Matthew will have to be posted later:).

More pics are on my facebook account...if anyone knows how to get there without having a fb account, please tell me:) it possible?


Elizabeth said...

Try copying the URL of the album in Facebook and seeing if you can look at it without being logged in.

Dave and Lisa said...

You guys do have beautiful kids! Mary has spoken very highly of you, but she didn't tell me you were Aggies, too! Whoop! I am class of '01. My husband from Maryland still does not understand why being an Aggie is such a big deal, but I know you will get it. ;-) Rich blessings to you as you serve the Lord in Russia! Thank you for being a blessing to our sister. And glad you can use the curtains!
In Christ, Lisa

Tori said...

Those are incredible, what a talented lady!

I don't know how I lost your blog, I missed so much, the last I read is that you were approved to go. Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do.

I'm adding you to mu Bloglines again, don't know where you went!

Annie said...

Oh, my - they are BEAUTIFUL! How I wish she could do pictures of my children. You are SO lucky!

mom said...

I know what you mean. My kids are always doing this...
I wanted to share our family blog with you as well.
Derek and Camary