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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fireworks til wee hours!

Here in Russia...the fireworks start around Midnight and they lasted til at leat 4:30am in the morning!!!!!! Talk about a long fire work show!! They were right outside of the kids balcony and did the kids sleep right through them? YEPP!!!! We did not, but we did get some sleep after 4:30~!!! So, I had to put fireworks on my page in honor of last night!!!


Tori said...

That's one thing I love about Europe. New Years fire works! For our small town they put on a great show. I was sick so I bundled up and stayed in the warm van while the men when to see the show.

The first year we were here, it was right after the Yugoslavian war and on New years they started celebrating and it woke us and we thought the war had started again.

Anyhoo, hope it was great for you all!

Nina in Portugal said...

Same way here too! Portuguese love their fireworks!!

Carol said...

Could you PLEASE bring this tradition home with you for next year? We are so lacking here!!

The Herd said...

The good part is that it's so cold and wet that nothing is going to set on fire from the fireworks so I don't think it's illegal to shoot them off. All of the firewords we saw (for 4.5 hours) were shot by individuals. You can buy big fireworks at the grocery stores. Pretty cool.