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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mark's post!


Dani Joy said...

Hi there, We actually paid for stream tv at the beginning of football season and then it changed to live247. It was only $20 for the whole season and we can watch any game we want.

You would have to sign up to this web site and then pay through them now. then it allows you to see live streams. they post all the college games on Saturday too. I believe.

I couldn´t see your videos. but I understand whey they are private. that´s a good idea. Such a great thing for your parents to see their grandkids though. I put them on facebook and keep it only to friends. Lord willing we are protected. ;)

May you have a blessed day.
Serving the King of Kings together on the field of Harvest.

The Herd said...

Just made the videos public...figure it's ok. I didn't know you had to invite people to view the private video.
Thanks for the tv info!!