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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday Date!

Do you see the car---that looks like it's turning? Well, it's really PARKED!!!! Everyone feels the right to park where ever --even in the middle of an intersections, sometimes!!

You see this --it looks like it's a parking lot...but no, the people are all in the middle of the intersection trying to turn left!

John and I went out to a restaurant that came highly recommended by John's business student. It was great! It was homey, and tasty and they spoke English and even quite well. After eating supper, we talked about how this place was like a tourist place to eat--b/c you didn't feel like you were in a foreign country--if you spoke English. There were more English speakers there than Russian speakers! The name of the restaurant is Teplo--which means felt like an older home that we were eating in and not a restaurant.

This is a cool bridge off to our right...since John was an engineer--he will always spot the great designs!

Our views on the way home.

Notice the La Cucaracha restaurant!!


Patty Wysong said...

Oh I've missed visiting!! LOVED seeing all these pics! La Cucaracha cracked me up. :)

Little Loveys Mom said...

that is crazy about the parking!