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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Matthew ---the up and coming actor of the Herd household!

Today, I saw and heard something that was surprisingly funny to me.  Scene 1:  I walk through the living room hearing crying, but it sounded like play crying.  I ask what's wrong?--Matthew answers--the bad guys are crying.  I told him, bad guys don't cry!  (Well, they usually don't, do they?  Just keeping it real for him!)  Haha...he returns to playing.
Scene 2:  I hear from the kitchen real crying...thinking that Matthew was upset(which is not unusual), I go in and see and hear him really crying, actual tears running down his face.  He is playing with the stuffed animal and talking/crying.  I ask who's crying?--before seeing it was Matthew---Matthew answers---the bad guy was crying.  I try to comfort, knowing that it's really not real tears, but still, the emotion of it all!!!

WOW~---Do I have an actor on my hands?  Really crying and playing the part!  During lunch, John and I heard the explanation of the playing/crying.  Matthew tells us that the Lord had told the bad guys to stop being bad and to be good, but the bad guys didn't want to stop, so they were crying!  Evidently, the bad guys use cool props--such as a black rocket(which really was a ball pump) and they didn't want to give that up--and therefore the reason for the tears!!  Who said boys didn't have emotions????  They just use them up in play!!

In real life, some people don't want to give up their black rockets either!  Do you have a black rocket?  Mine might be otherwise known as SUGAR!!

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