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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My first Parent Teacher Meeting as the Parent!

My first parent teacher conference was today and let me just say it was different being on this side of the table. I have had many a PT meeting, but I was the teacher! Now, I know how they feel, but not really--only some of them. Being on this side--as a home schooling mom is even harder--b/c I feel that my work is being evaluated. Let me say--it's hard to be in this position--most of us are at some time or another---many people question home schooling families. I have learned some things that I will change though...if I teach my kids again. I am teaching Mark, but that's kindergarten, not first and above! Plus, the changes I will make are things I can't do now that I am here in Russia.

So, what will I do different? First, you must know, that I am a saver of money to a fault sometimes...well, ok, a lot of times! So, that is the first change---I will NEVER buy something for school just b/c it's cheaper than the curriculum that I really like. I will buy the whole set and not piece together my stuff. I will buy the teacher editions and use them. I haven't bought math teacher editions before---but if I teacher higher than the 2nd, I will get them. I will work my kids harder and longer. I will test more often and be more "official" with "handing back their work with "grades" on them.

I am very pleased with my girls' progress in school, but I didn't ever teach these lower grades, so I have a better picture now. I feel like saying---I have a DREAM!!! I really love the school the girls attend and their teachers are great! We don't feel that we will be here forever in Russia, so if and when we are in a different place, we may home school again. So, this is good to have a plan and Dream!

Here's something funny that was asked of me during the conference...why does Melissa always say the word "the" like "thee" ---she never says it "thuh" when it's beside a consanent. I was befuddled...I can't say I have ever read this "rule" or remember reading it...but it's true --it's a rule!! When learning English--we just learn how to say the words, but not always the reasoning...but now I have been reminded of the rule---by a Russian teacher!!! I came home to see if I read correctly and I do--shew!!! I breathed a sigh of relief--but now I must correct this in Melissa if not Katie too!--Thankfully, I can teach it correctly with the boys!!!

I was glad to have the "meeting"--it was really a great experience and I just love the teachers.


Stonefox said...

That cracks me up about the "the." I never knew there was a rule! Isn't it funny how we learn about English in a country that doesn't speak it??!! By the way, I have learned that studying Chinese makes me forget is really humiliating when you can't remember a word like "hair!" ("I need to go fix my..... what's the word for this?") Argh!

Stonefox said...

Back again! Thanks for the button link up. :)