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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Katie's Birthday Fun!

 Muffins for Breakfast--per her request!
  I made cupcakes for her class at church--since we just celebrated with the Bull family for her b-day and didn't have a "party."  I've started to warn the other kids that as they get older like Katie, we won't be doing parties every birthday.  Since we live by half of our family, it's easy to round up a small party! hehe!
 Katie has requested a pottery wheel since way before I bought it back then for her birthday!  This is her first creation from the kit.

 Katie actually did this...she loves to decorate for birthdays or why not her own!  She beat me to it this year, so I just let her do the decor!
This was her cake with the nerd rope being 11!!  Yummy!!
Katie opening one of her presents from the Bulls that couldn't make the party.

More presents and cards from her cousins!!

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Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

awww our katie's are 1 yr apart! looks like a fantastic day for her! happy bday!!!