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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Katie's Soccer team---PHOENIX

This is Katie's first time to play soccer and I believe this game that is pictured was her first game.  She practices 2 times each week, 2 hours a practice!  I can't believe the intensity that Longmoo plays/practices kids' sports!  I must admit this---I have really enjoyed taking her to practice---it allows me some adult conversation that is from someone not related to me.  At this need to remember that we live with John's parents and that his sister and brother and their families live on the same street.  No, we are not the only families on the street, but I do have a small world right now.  I do enjoy my world, but I do enjoy getting out to soccer practice.  Katie has improved in her soccer skills, but does not want to make this a professional job--hehe!  She has some really nice gals on her team of name: Phoenix.


Jen said...

Wow! 2 practices a week for 2 hours! Glad you are enjoying some good conversation. I really like soccer!

Anonymous said...

Sr_Egor said...
Nick just started soccer too, he loves it. 4 hours a week does seem a little intense, but I bet she has fun.