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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Katie's 11th Year "Trip with Mom"!

 We've been telling Katie for a few years that when she turned 11, mom (me) would take her away to a hotel and we would have a special trip together.  Well, we had a great time in Tyler.  This trip took much thinking for me and John, because during this trip, I went over some things with Katie about "growing up" and making right choices as a Christian young lady---we used James Dobson's Preparation for Adolescence cd's---the ones that were age appropriate so far. 
 This was the park where we read over a book by American Girl---The Care and Keeping of You...teaches girls to take care of themselves and the uniqueness of them being them and being a young lady!

 Of course, we went shopping!  Katie is definitely part "Kolstad"...meaning she is like my mom and likes to shop!!  She found these letters and quickly put it to form her brother's name!
 Katie is also my avid science girl, so we found a science museum and she was in heaven

 burying the dinosaur bones for other kids to dig them up!

 The iguana!!

 Madame Curry info!
 This was Katie's b-day outfit she picked out...tops and necklace!
Look, we even found a street named Karen!!


themarlatts said...

I love this, Karen!! I'm putting this idea away in the corner of my mind for when my little girl gets this big. :)

Robyn said...

I love that idea. Hope is only 3, but hopefully I will be able to do a similar thing when she gets older. Some friends of ours took there son on a "men's" retreat (I can't remember exactly what age). The dad took the son with a few other Christian men for a weekend away to share there thoughts on becoming a godly man. Jeremy went and really thought it was great.

texmac6 said...

I used the same book with Bella this fall (she will turn 12 in june). Sounds like you had a great date.

Elizabeth said...

So special!

Jon and Robin said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We took our kids to the Tyler Science Museum too. It was a blast!

Hope you guys are doing well! It's been way too long since we've seen you all.

Any thoughts about heading back to Russia at some point?

Have a good one,