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Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Decent Food Stop"---it's all in a name!!

I have a theory...this store was named by a the English language!   So, do you see the sign of this store???  Decent Food Stop.  Well, any American or native English speaker...might laugh at this name, but when I saw the sign, it made me think of all the times we might have spoken something in Russian, thinking that we knew what we were saying, but a Russian might have said..."Well, you sort of said something else, but we understood you anyway."  Can't you imagine someone learning the word " decent " to mean good, but I know decent has a negative connotation of "not the greatest-but ok"...but that owner of the store just thought...I want to be a good food stop!!! HA, so let's name it decent food stop!!  Ok, so, maybe it didn't happen like that, but it's fun to think you understand where it might have come from.  This store is down the street from where we live...we will always smile when we pass it on the way to church.

I must say that we are glad to have taken the picture a month or so ago, because, it has been repainted and longer bearing the name, but we have evidence of the original Decent Food Stop!


themarlatts said...

I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

sr_egor said...
Great theory/review on the name, but what about the food? Do they have a griddle inside? Will they throw down a breakfast burrito? What about a burger? You know I'm still on my quest for the world's best burger. What is the new name?

Hey, wait a minute... ...all these years I thought Bullman was giving me a compliment when he would say, "descent work rogeacques." :)