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Monday, February 11, 2008

Fishing Time!!

This past weekend the city of Frisco released a lot of rainbow trout into a lake(pond--whatever you want to call it:) ). My dad loves to fish, so John had asked if he wanted to go fishing with him and the three eldest grandkiddos on Sunday morning(we go to church on Saturday night, so it works perfect for us).
John has a friend, Randy--who loves to fish too, and they went out on Friday afternoon with the kids and fished. Katie caught a perch, but no trout were seen by us. The fish were supposed to be released on Thursday night, so we started wondering if this was really true...
So, John went back on Saturday morning with the kids, again, to see if they could find the perfect spot. They wanted to be in the right place on Sunday with my dad. The lake was crowded--they had released more fish and only kids could fish from 8-11am. Well, no fish were caught, but they found some guys that were catching, and they suggested that the bobber be taken off the lines. They also had a different kind of bait. More perfection for Sunday fishing with Papa!
Sunday came and we fixed blni'(Russian pancakes) for breakfast and the clan went fishing. My mom and I stayed back with Matthew. So, they went fishing and came home with 23 fish!!! They met up with a man and his daughter at the lake, who was having great success with the fish catching! He gave them some pointers and let the kids reel in the fish he caught and gave them 19 fish too!!!
John cleaned them up and grilled them for all of us for lunch! Mmmmm...a little bony, but fun to eat the fruit of the land, well, lake!!!
We all very much enjoyed my parents visit!! Here is the evidence of the fishing experience!!


Ali said...

Looks like the kids had a great time fishing! Last time I went all we caught were perch. Great family picture!

Anonymous said...

If there is one thing I like almost as much as fishing, it is eating. Bullman said nothing about blni'! Those have been more scarce than the fish on Friday. Kinda like the date balls and banana bread i suppose….they get eaten on the way to work. I'd like to place my order now for the next batch of blnis' and I don't mind picking them up. Thanks