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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Me Time--Rethought

A friend of mine, Ginger, has a post on her blog that was from another I continued reading the original post. Wow, very thought provoking. I think I need "me time"-especially when other mothers say we need it more than we get, but I like what's shared below and hope to implement. My favorite part is starred!!

This is from a Christian wife, mother and blogger....
I stopped seeing my life as a wife and mother as a JOB--something I put aside at the end of the day. I stopped complaining and started living. I am looking for ways to make my daily chores more enjoyable. I am drinking in the beauty of my children, taking the time to search their eyes, hold their hands, and be their mom. I am listening more and speaking less. I am working at catching myself every time I start to feel slighted or neglected or overworked, and turning that desire to run off for a bit of me time to make me feel better into a desire to cheerfully do any task set before me "as unto the Lord." I am beginning to enjoy time spent with my children just being their mom. I am trying to see interruptions as blessings and opportunities to bless others. And when I am feeling drained, I am seeking the Lord.

****What I am finding is that I am not clinging so tightly to the snipets of time I am given in which to do something alone because I no longer see those times as the only way to save my sanity. Instead, they are fun little stops along the blessed path I walk called motherhood.

Any time you spend away from your family MUST be spent in the company of those who will encourage you as a mother and wife. You will never gain anything but resentment from the council of those who encourage you to seek self. Learn to enjoy being home with your family. Learn to live sacrificially. Learn contentment in serving others. Learn to be happy being you--right where God placed you.

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