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Friday, February 15, 2008

A tribute to my husband!

I don't know when he will actually read this, but since we are celebrating Valentine's Day today instead of yesterday, I thought I'd put it on today! You know when you have kids and you need a babysitter, you just have to wait til you can have a night out to celebrate. Well, you can celebrate at home, but it's nice to get out sometimes!
I am going to use an acronym and I am using the word Father, b/c I think John is just the best at fathering--and it's a longer word!


You are:

Faithful--you are very true to me and your kiddos!
Able-you make a handy-man not necessary to hire--YOU are the handy-man!!
Tough--you take the knocks for all the kids and you don't complain and tell them to get off!!!
Handsome--you are my chief among ten thousand(my scripture from Song of Sol)
Even--you don't have a temper, you are so very patient!
Ranbunctious--you make life fun! I love the spice that you put in life, marriage, family!!

Here are some tidbits on John, just in case you didn't know them.

He took the girls to get their ears pierced when they got them done(they were both 5).
He takes the girls on dates and Mark on GNO(Guys Night Out)s.
He takes Mark to his soccer practice and doesn't even ask me too.
He took the kids fishing with my dad!
He always buys me a card for holidays(no matter if I tell him, it's not necessary)--there's a story behind that one.
He's romantic and creative with our dates.
He always give the best back rubs!
He loves me more than I could ever ask any human to.
He forgets my flaws(what woman could ask for anything more!!)
He's a giver--he might try to save us money but he gives where there is need.
The list goes on, but I shall stop there.
I love my John!!


Arthur said...

Dear Karen,
WOW! How life changes when you trust God, have diligence, trust Him through the trials. I remember all the times when you were in middle school and high school. Now there is John. Well done. Arthur

Molly said...

What a beautiful tribute to your husband. I love to see women honor their husbands like this!

Where are you going for missions, and with whom? I saw your pix of that your destination?


Anonymous said...

Sr_Egor said...

That is very sincere and heartfelt. I sure like to razz him now and then, but he really is a super guy and a pretty darn good friend too.