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Sunday, February 3, 2008

NEW 21st century Scrapbooking!!

I have decided that in order to scrapbook, I would need a room to myself, a day every other week and lots of funds. Since that is not going to happen soon, I have decided to stop scrapbooking and just blog!! I am creating a word doc. from my blog entries that will be my "scrapbook" for now!!! I am up to 43 pages in a word document just with all my blogs from June 2007 til now!! I hope to print this some day and have it bound, but not sure when that will actually get done. I looked into companies that print blogs and it's too much for my brain to figure out, plus I just did the word doc and it took about 10 minutes with cutting and pasting. Not bad!!

I also have some family albums through snapfish and will be adding to those for our vacations only. So, I am not abandoning the art completely, just going digital and online.

You may consider doing the same---you add the pictures very easily and you are journaling without penmanship being and issue~!
That's all for now on this Superbowl Sunday!!


Anonymous said...

You might enjoy the blog of my friend who is into digital scrapbooking. She has all sorts of links to stuff that she uses, too... Her blog is called Digital Reflections and she's also the mother of FOUR! :) Enjoy!

The Herd said...

Her pages are beautiful! Do you know how she does it?