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Friday, February 27, 2009

Deep Thoughts!

Ok, Kay, here are my questions answered in this order---don't ask me about the logic of the order...there was none: Katie(8), Matthew(3), Melissa(7), Mark(5). Go visit my friend's site to copy all the questions to your blog...and get your kids to answer them if you want to continue the tag--Ginger, Nina, Robin,

Where did you come from? Texas, Dallas/ um, um, um Texas/ America/ Texas A&M(disclaimer, this is not true--ha!)
Where are you going? Back to America/ um to Mr. Osmo's/I don't know/Back to Texas in the summer
What is dancing? Where you move all around to music/um doing moves/like moving around/moving like this...
What’s the best place in the whole world? Why? I'll answer later /Russia-b/c the English is far away/Texas-b/c it's warm there/ Finland-b/c we get to meet people
What do you wish for? I would like a pet/ can I paint?/a horse/I wish for a fish
What is a giggle? when you make noise and you are not crying/scratching/I don't know/like wbbble
What do you dream about? just stuff/throwing a fit/about me having Hannah Montana's house/ I dream about pirates and fun
What did you dream about last night? I don't remember/I don't know /nothing/someone that was really nice and that was friendly to me.
Do you want to be beautiful or smart? either one whatever God wants me to be/smart/smart/smart
What is the sky made of? I don't know/cwouds/I don't know/clouds
What did you do today? huh, went to art studio. Watch Daddy play on the wii...and had to write, I will not hit Mark 100 times!/be good/ I went outside and played and I went to the art studio/ I played outside and I couldn't slide down b/c my bottom would get wet---(how come no one said school????)
How fast can you run?
have no idea/faster than Mark/ I don't know--it depends/ faster than Matthew
What’s the meaning of life? good friends/Texas/God/ when everyone gets to meet God.


Mary said...

This made me smile!:-)

Anonymous said...

Sr Egor said...

That was great, aren't kids the best!!! My favorite was the last question. And Texas was my answer too.:)