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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is that? Is it really a sunbeam?!!!

Yesterday, the sunshine came through!!!! This was the first day of this phenomenon!!! Because---on top of this sunshine, it was 36*!!! Usually when the sun has come out in the winter, it gets really cold!!!! But not yesterday and not really too bad today! I think it's down to 26 today...still not so cold as 19 or below! All these temperatures are in *F of course! We stood in the rays for a bit...just for a taste of warmth!
Update: We still have our young mom and baby and helper living with us---Cristina--the baby girl is feeling a bit lethargic. She had a stomach bug(and four of us have had it since)...please pray for her to fully recover and quick and no one else to get sick! Stomach bugs are bad--but this Russian Stomach bug was terrible!!
Still praying for next year and what to do. Getting some direction, but still seeking more. We covet your prayers!

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Mary said...

Ugh! I hate being sick like that. I will pray for you and please pray for me too in the direction department.