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Saturday, February 21, 2009

How do we dry clothes here?

This post is long over due...but my friend Elizabeth inspired me to post it...I took the pictures back in September! That's how long I did plan to post about this topic.

Thanks to Nancy and her church in Louisiana, we were blessed with a dryer...most Russian apartments do not have such things! Even Lena and Katya living with us do not use this dryer by choice. Well, us six person family unit--do!!!

Here are some difference between the dryer here and the dryer we had in the states:

First: Location---our dryer now is in the kitchen!!!

Second, our dryer takes---120 minutes a load!!! I use to think 45 minutes was long! Now, I am grateful for even two hours!!!
Dryer lint...must clean after each the states, the lint was not so much each time...wonder what the change is???

Each time we dry, the water from the clothes is collected in the container that you see me reaching for. We have to dump it in the sink or it won't dry for the next cycle. Very different!

Lastly, the size of our dryer is pretty tiny!
So, what do you think? Is your dryer much different than this--for my readers in different countries other than America?


perrinministries said...

We have the same 2-hour tiny dryer. It's a luxury because the people here line dry everything. But, don't get me started on my dishwasher. It's about 1/3 the size of my normal-sized one in America. We run it twice a day at least...for over 90 minutes on the "fast" cycle. I guess I'm lucky I have one at all???

Mary said...

I remember using that dryer when I spent the night. It was different from any other dryer I had used before, even from the MIR office dryer. I got used to drying my clothing on the old fashioned way while there but am glad to have the convenience of the dryer now.

Elizabeth said...

Yay! I don't mind not having a dryer, but I have to iron more. If I had kids I would probably miss the dryer...