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Sunday, February 1, 2009

She came , She saw and heard, She left.

Ok, so our "new" student came, stayed one night and hasn't returned. She asked our current student about staying the night with her boyfriend some nights(more common here than in US....never thought I'd ever be able to say that--but it's true). Katya told her that she wouldn't be able to do that if she stayed in the family home. Well, that did it...she has not come back...too hard to do for her and to commit to.

It's really too bad to see this happen. Olya was such a talented one and she could use a family setting to learn the love of God and family. While she was here, she showed us what she wants to do---escalating nails(basically manicured nail tips). She showed us her samples...they were amazing work. She doesn't have a job right now, so she doesn't have money to even buy the kit to start up the nail business. So, who knows what will happen, except God. Please pray that the Lord would protect her and guide her even not in our family home.

We are still praying about next year. We have some ideas, but are watching for the Lord's open or shut doors. Keep this in your prayers PLEASE!!! Thanks! We soooo appreciate them!!


Anonymous said...


Nina in Portugal said...

That is so sad...I'm sorry to hear this.

We are here in Portugal til the Lord tells us otherwise. At least 4-5 years before returning stateside for furlough.

Your blog looks great!

Elizabeth said...

That's hard. I've invited a few young ladies to live in Family Homes, thinking they'd jump at the chance. But it's definitely a commitment. I'm proud of Marina and others for keeping high standards. But you know, this young lady is learning about making choices. Deep down they crave the discipline even when they aren't able to make the commitment. So even her one night with you probably left her thinking, "These people are different. I like that."

perrinministries said...

Hey guys! How are you doing on your "date nights?"
Keep up the good work!

Joanne said...

Wow, I finally had the time to get totally caught up on your blog. Thank you so much for being so dedicated to keeping everyone up to date; what a blessing.
I'm sorry to hear about things not working out with Olya; very sad. Will keep her in prayer though. I've prayed for wisdom for next year as you continue to seek God and do His work and will continue to lift you guys up. You're doing such an amazing work!! Love you!