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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movie of Russian Metro's

One of the girls in the dorms asked me a few weeks ago...which metro's are prettier...Russian ones or North East ones in America. Well, I must say my answer was not sufficient! I can't say that I have noticed much in the way of Russian metros in an impressive way until I was asked to compare. You see, I travel most of the time with four kids in the my eyes are on the kids usually!!! I said something like...well, I don't notice much about metros being so nice, but Russian ones are probably a bit more artistic. Well, I wish I could take back my words! They didn't do the Russian metro's justice!

They are so that I am really looking to compare. I have only been on the metros in America a time or two when we went to Boston, so I can for sure say that I DID NOT notice them either, although I didn't have any of the kids with me at the time of that trip!!!
Here below is a you tube of Russian metro's...take a peek. Now, they are usually packed with people and a bit on a dirtier side, but still very NICE as seen below.


Elizabeth said...

In your defense, there are usually crowds blocking the view. I don't normally notice either. Even if you wanted to stand and gaze, you'd get flattened by rushing commuters. But the beauty of the Russian underground is a rather well-known landmark, I would say. It's good to be ready to comment on it. Now you know!

Mary said...

Check out the youtube video on Mike's website that shows the metro at rush hour, which felt like being herded into a sardine can.

The Ross Family said...

It is quite pretty, and I loved! the music they put with the clip :) Chloe came over and was rocking side to side with me while it played :) Any idea what it is?

Dahl House said...

It is very pretty. With four kids, there is not much time to take in the scenery. It does make the states look blahh.