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Monday, August 31, 2009

Homestead Living!

Homestead -Waco


After Dallas, we started our journey down south---to an incredible place called Homestead---these are a group of people near Waco that seek the Lord and live very simply. That is the easiest way to explain their way of life. They are a community of believers that farm this huge piece of land, have their own gristmill, blacksmith, church, restaurant, etc. We stopped at this lovely place to meet a couple that knows our friends in Russia. We ate with them and enjoyed their home and homestead!
After this afternoon visit, we got to go to Austin to visit family—what a blast! We had our first experience with Barton Springs---a natural spring that is a swimming area for locals…it was soooo cold in the water—I believe the water was 69 degrees—just so you can feel the cold…a normal swimming pool is in the 90’s in Texas! Katie and John went off the diving board into the ice water! Brave or Crazy??
We also got to eat at Matt’s(Mexican) and Amy’s—Ice cream for dessert! Yum!

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