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Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Review - First week in Houston...

Uncle Stephen and Java! and Snuggle time with Aunt Cristina!

Katie and Mary Claire & Water Balloon fun!!

Grand kids!

Goochie bug stories at night and Dad made the cake!

Matthew's 4th b-day party

We had a great time with Mimer and Papa—even with the hottest temps in Houston in years in June! It even got as hot as 107!! We enjoyed swimming—all our kids love swimming!! Our extended family came in during the week and the cousins had a blast!! All the fam got to be there—it was really nice to see everyone---it meant so much to us that they came in for a visit!

Matthew celebrated his b-day on the actual day and the following Saturday---He had asked for a robot theme, so Wall-E it was! He loved every minute of celebrating!!!

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