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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Review--second week in Longview

Katie and Mo!

Brigg's b-day and Infamous sibling pose! Aren't they beautiful!

Congrat's Davis!!

Off for another week in a different place---East Texas here we come!

John’s family now all lives on one street---so the kids loved seeing their cousins, enjoyed ball games, swimming on the tire swing, and lots of dirt!!! The shoes from this visit will never be the same again, oh no!! Some we had to toss, but some were redeemed by the beloved washing machine!!

We had a great time on the fourth of July with John’s extended family that came down to celebrate together!

I got to go to two of my SIL’s classes—Jackie teaches exercise classes in the city and across the country and is amazing! I was so sore, but really enjoyed watching her in action. I am inspired and have intentions to start the exercising back up in Russia ---now that the girls will be in school and I will have more free time(well, theoretically, right?)! I will be home schooling Mark and Matthew, but Kindergarten is so much easier to teach than 2nd grade plus!

One of the greatest things in Longview to observe was Mark with is cousin Grant!! They are so hilarious! They get along famously!!! Grant could have come to Russia with us if his family wouldn't miss him so!

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