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Monday, August 24, 2009

We Landed in Dallas

We arrived in Dallas on June 20th and our plan was a couple hours late---are we glad or what? Our original plane had been struck by lightening and it would take the German airport a long time to fix the plane, so they re-routed another plane to take us to Texas! That was a long layover—but the kids ended up making friends that were returning from Iran and they lived in AUSTIN, Texas of all places! What a small world—sometimes! Our trip over was nice, each seat had its own dvd player. Mark at one time watched Bolt in Spanish—he said he wanted to learn another language and so that’s why he switched the language. Matthew, at one point, watched a movie with Asain subtitles!! HA!! The kids did fabulous and never seemed to have any jet lag! God did that miracle over the top!! John was the only one for a couple of days that seemed to have a bit of lag!

When we arrived at the airport, my parents and John’s parents had come up to welcome us home! What a delight to see my mom running toward all of us with the biggest smile ever! We went out to eat at Cheddars---not that any of us were hungry---because the airport’s goal must be to overfeed as much as they can!!! They did!!! We went to bed by 9pm and were up for church the next morning!

We got to see several friends at church then headed to Houston for a week.

My amazing friend Sarah had a ton of stuff for the kids that she had organized from so many friends of ours that included winter clothes, summer clothes, bathing suits, crocks, and so much more! We were so blessed by it all!!! Thank you all and especially Sarah!!

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Elizabeth said...

Kind of funny seeing just the title of this post...I thought you got tired of Russia awfully fast! :)